Fix OneDrive for mac.

Automatically reset OneDrive app - on Apple Mac - which is misbehaving, such as not syncing.

The following steps were recommended by Microsoft OneDrive support, and tested successful by the author, with no side effects, othen than having to re-sign in to the OneDrive app, and reselecting certain directories to exclude form sync

Steps performed by this script, in order:

Quit the OneDrive application, if it's running (using osascript)

Delete ~/Library/Containers/ (recursive, forcefully).

Delete ~/Library/Containers/ (if it exists).

killall -SIGTERM cfprefsd.

wait just a second ...

Restart the OneDrive application (open -a OneDrive)

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Now Published: ProfilePal for PowerShell

I've been working on a PowerShell module to make creating and editing PowerShell profiles easier, especially for admins who are newer to PowerShell. In my own process of learning PowerShell, I felt understanding and leveraging capabilities of Profiles was a substantial boost. I want to share that confidence acceleration with other IT Pros, so I'm proud to announce that ProfilePal is now available from the PowerShellGallery!

This means that the module can be installed and imported directly from the command line, thanks to NuGet and PowerShellGet.

More information on the module, and opportunity to work with me to make it better are hosted at GitHub :