Serverquarium at MMS 2012

The Hand-On Labs at MMS 2012 are one of the most impressive real-world demonstrations of Private Cloud possibilities.

Built on HP Virtual System and Microsoft System Center, the MMS 2012 Hands On Labs (HOL) provides:

  • 650 Total Lab Stations
  • Every 90 Minutes, 1,200 VMs will be created in less than 10 Minutes for the 400 Classroom Stations
  • Virtual Machine Sets Range from 1 – 6 VMs Per Lab Topic
  • Expected Average Concurrent VMs: 1,950
  • Expected Total VMs Created and Used During this week: 19,000+ 

These “Serverquarium” systems are running HP VirtualSystem VS3 with ProLiant BL460 blades and 3PAR storage.

Each tiny blinking light in the 3PAR storage cabinet represents a 146GB SAS spindle.

Feel free to contact me directly for any more information about the HP VirtualSystem series, FlexFabric, Hyper-V, System Center, etc.

Serverquarium "compute" rack of blades

Serverquarium storage rack

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