Are you GTD?

Are you Getting Things Done? If you're not sure, I'd like to suggest you listen in as Merlin Mann explains how and why David Allen's Getting Things Done [GTD] has made such an impact for him and caught on with so many.

Tune in to the Back To Work podcast (episode 97) to hear Dan Benjamin and Merlin discuss GTD, and compare it with Paleo diet and Buddhism of all things. Dan and Merlin talk about a lot of other things first, so fast forward to 1:30:00 to get right to the good stuff.  

Getting Things Done with Nozbe

I really appreciated this article because the process to learning about Getting Things Done (GTD) and then finding a cross-platform solution (Windows at work and Mac at home) were so similar to my own. If you're at all interested in improving your productivity and organization, then you should read this article and carefully consider reading the book and then adopting Nozbe.

I've been slowly but surely making my way through Getting Things Done by David Allen (I'm using the audiobook from and listening with my iPhone during my commute). As I'm sure many others have, I wanted to find some software to help me apply what I'm learning. Nozbe has been an excellent fit for my style. This article provides a nice summary of one's experience becoming accustomed with the Getting Things Done philosophy and using Nozbe to live it.