I miss @Gist already

I miss Gist. Did you ever use Gist? if not, read this entertaining and informative post from David Gerwitz: "Contact managers and CRM systems are incredibly stupid"

For me, Gist did everything I wanted it to. It had a browser plugin to collect all my (personal) gmail contacts and messages. It had an Outlook add-in to collect all my work contacts from emails and calendar entries. It had a mobile app so I could sync and search contact info on the go. And best of all, it used whatever info I had for my contacts and then enriched their profile with social network info from twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs etc. Gist even let me customize my own profile and publish as a sort of online resume [screenshot].

It was so good, that RIM bought it up Gist by BlackBerry, and has now decided to shut it down.

I'm REALLY disappointed in this because I can't find a suitable replacement.

How about you, do you have a good way to collect, enrich, and de-duplicate your contacts?