System Center 2012 for VMware Infrastructure

"This session highlights how to manage VMware using Microsoft technologies. Virtual Machine Manager 2012 gives you the ability to manage heterogeneous hypervisor. This session includes: managing VMware infrastructure in VMM 2012 SP1 environment, importing VMware Templates into VMM, utilizing Dynamic Optimization for VMware Hosts, cloud creation for VMware hosts and deploying a service template on VMware".

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Have you tried the Microsoft Private Cloud yet?

Download Windows Server 2012

Download Windows Server 2012

Download System Center 2012

Download System Center 2012

If you haven't yet downloaded and tried out the new Microsoft Private Cloud a.k.a. Windows Server 2012 (with Hyper-V 3.0) and System Center 2012 (now available as SP1 Beta) ... what are you waiting for?

Would you like some more help to know how to get started with these downloads? Then check out for more free resources on how to setup the server and get familiar with Hyper-V. And of course, I'd be happy to hear what you're interested in, working on, or if there's a question you have on how this is all supposed to work.

How to setup RAM sensitive software on a Hyper-V VM with Dynamic Memory

When you create a new Hyper-V virtual machine, configured with Dynamic Memory, the advantage is to boot a virtual server with minimal RAM allocated (e.g. 512 MB), but the catch is some setups check that the computer it's being installed on has enough memory.  I recently was disappointed to see that this same issue / inconvenience exists as I was running through the VMM setup for 2012 SP1 (CTP2). I tried Aidan's tip of using Paint, but I could not get paint to use enough memory, so that the setup prerequisites would let me get by.

Fortunately, I found a post from 2008 on the Windows SDK blog that mentioned tcpanalyzer.exe and consume.exe as "hidden gems" in the SDK. Consume.exe sounded promising, so I went to fetch the latest Windows SDK. Fortunately, consume.exe is still there.

Consume.exe is all of 21KB, so I copied into my newly minted Hyper-V VM (for more on my favorite way to load up a new Windows Server 2012 VM, see … ) and ran consume.exe -physical-memory -time 60.

The 'Assigned Memory' value in my Hyper-V Manager window climbed up above the 2GB (2242 MB) I needed to proceed, and I was able to finish my setup.

Best of MMS 2012

We recently hosted a Best of MMS 2012 recap event, and here are the highlights:

Serverquarium at MMS 2012

The Hand-On Labs at MMS 2012 are one of the most impressive real-world demonstrations of Private Cloud possibilities.

Built on HP Virtual System and Microsoft System Center, the MMS 2012 Hands On Labs (HOL) provides:

  • 650 Total Lab Stations
  • Every 90 Minutes, 1,200 VMs will be created in less than 10 Minutes for the 400 Classroom Stations
  • Virtual Machine Sets Range from 1 – 6 VMs Per Lab Topic
  • Expected Average Concurrent VMs: 1,950
  • Expected Total VMs Created and Used During this week: 19,000+ 

These “Serverquarium” systems are running HP VirtualSystem VS3 with ProLiant BL460 blades and 3PAR storage.

Each tiny blinking light in the 3PAR storage cabinet represents a 146GB SAS spindle.

Feel free to contact me directly for any more information about the HP VirtualSystem series, FlexFabric, Hyper-V, System Center, etc.

Serverquarium "compute" rack of blades

Serverquarium storage rack

HP VirtualSystem website:

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