System Center 2012 for VMware Infrastructure

"This session highlights how to manage VMware using Microsoft technologies. Virtual Machine Manager 2012 gives you the ability to manage heterogeneous hypervisor. This session includes: managing VMware infrastructure in VMM 2012 SP1 environment, importing VMware Templates into VMM, utilizing Dynamic Optimization for VMware Hosts, cloud creation for VMware hosts and deploying a service template on VMware".

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Are you GTD?

Are you Getting Things Done? If you're not sure, I'd like to suggest you listen in as Merlin Mann explains how and why David Allen's Getting Things Done [GTD] has made such an impact for him and caught on with so many.

Tune in to the Back To Work podcast (episode 97) to hear Dan Benjamin and Merlin discuss GTD, and compare it with Paleo diet and Buddhism of all things. Dan and Merlin talk about a lot of other things first, so fast forward to 1:30:00 to get right to the good stuff.  

I miss @Gist already

I miss Gist. Did you ever use Gist? if not, read this entertaining and informative post from David Gerwitz: "Contact managers and CRM systems are incredibly stupid"

For me, Gist did everything I wanted it to. It had a browser plugin to collect all my (personal) gmail contacts and messages. It had an Outlook add-in to collect all my work contacts from emails and calendar entries. It had a mobile app so I could sync and search contact info on the go. And best of all, it used whatever info I had for my contacts and then enriched their profile with social network info from twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs etc. Gist even let me customize my own profile and publish as a sort of online resume [screenshot].

It was so good, that RIM bought it up Gist by BlackBerry, and has now decided to shut it down.

I'm REALLY disappointed in this because I can't find a suitable replacement.

How about you, do you have a good way to collect, enrich, and de-duplicate your contacts?