My Favorite Podcasts

A colleague recently asked me to recommend some podcasts I enjoy listening to, and thought that instead of only sharing with him, I'd post here in case I can contribute some perspective to shows that I appreciate. If you'd care to share your own favorites, or tell us what you think of any of these shows, your civil comments are appreciated.

I use the Downcast app on my iPhone, and it makes it easy for me to group my podcast subscriptions into playlists. I created 4 playlists around the core topics I want to learn about and listen to: Leadership, Tech, Think, and Sports.

The following list does not represent priority, preference, or infer any other kind of rank.
Off the cuff, the shows I go look for recent episodes of include Security Now, Back to Work, and more recently added to the short list: Arrested DevOps.

In any event, here is my list of podcasts, grouped by theme, with both the show website and it's RSS / subscription URL.


Arrested DevOps


Inside Podcast Network

Pink Elephant

The IT and ITIL Service Management Experts

PowerScripting Podcast

RunAs Radio

Security Now


ESPN Radio: Thundering Herd

ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football

The Dan Patrick Show


Back to Work

Beyond the To Do List

Personal Productivity Perspectives

The Talk Show With John Gruber


HBR IdeaCast

Manager Tools

Manager Tools Basics

The EntreLeadership Podcast

The HBR Channel

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt