Calendar courtesy

This may just be a pet peeve, but if so I suspect many others working in a corporate environment have the same one.

If you invite me to a meeting, please include more than just a date, time, and subject. I need a brief description of the meeting's agenda, and which part of that I am needed for.

Especially if there is information that i need to prepare for the meeting to succeed, I would like as much warning to that effect as I can have in order to prepare quality information to share. Depending on the breadth of the audience, a concise roll call of who's invited and what role they play may also help me understand who the audience is so I can craft appropriate messages and materials.

If I am invited to attend, I may have conflicting appointments, and if you include enough information in the invitation, I can make the best decision as to which meeting I need most to attend. And if I am unable to attend your meeting, don't take it personally. Please include me when you distribute the meeting minutes and whatever other materials were covered during the meeting (hopefully in soft-copy if attached, or better yet just send me a shared link).

These are my ideas about how to setup others to successfully participate in any meetings I arrange. I would appreciate your feedback and other thoughts you may have on calendaring with courtesy.