From Server Admin to Supplier Manager

I thought Alan Le Marquand did a great job of identifying distinctions between the various IT service delivery models (SaaS PaaS, IaaS) that are becoming more popular, and how the associated IT roles will likely need to change.

I think a longer title could have been "From Server Admin to Supplier Manager", as the emphasis for IT Pros managing cloud services will be on measuring and managing ISPs and service providers. I think these role adjustments will require entirely different soft skill sets. I'm interested in your commments and feedback on how you see these affecting the IT profession and your career in particular.

Here is an excerpt and link to the original article:
From Servers to Services. The Role for the IT Pro in the Cloud | Media | TechNet EdgeThe looming question for IT Pro’s regarding the cloud is “What is the future for my role?” Simply put, no one can say for sure. There are many factors to consider when ...